Conditions and types

  • Permanent Membership

The founders of the association and all of the individuals with at least an MA degree in architecture and urban engineering and other related majors can join the association forever.

  • Dependent Membership

The individuals with BA degrees and having worked for five years in a way or another in one of the majors mentioned (architecture and urban engineering and other related majors) can enjoy a dependent membership of the association.

  • University Students’ Membership

All of the students who are busy schooling in majors like architecture and urban engineering and the related study fields can enjoy this type of membership.

  • Honored Membership

Iranian and foreign prominent figures with high scientific ranks in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, urban designing, repair of the textures and buildings, industrial designing and others of the like or outstanding individuals with a lot of effective and valuable aids to the advancement of the association’s goals will be granted such a kind of membership.

  • Institutional (Legal) Members

Organizations active in scientific and research areas can join the association.

Note (1): the individuals with BA degree in one of the majors mentioned (architecture and urban engineering and other related majors) can join the association following the confirmation by the board of directors.

Note (2): The institutional members are considered as dependent affiliates of the association.

* Each of the members should pay a money sum determined by the general assembly as subscription fee.

Note (1): Payment of the subscription sum does not provide the payer with any right and claim over the assets of the association.

Note (2): The honored members are exempted from paying the membership fee.

** Membership expires by one of the followings:

  • Written resignation.
  • Paying no money for annual membership.

Note: The board of directors confirms the expiration of memberships.