Journal of Iranian Architecture & Urbanism, No 1, Spring & Summer 2021

Journal of Iranian Architecture and Urbanism , No. 1, Volume 12, Spring & Summer 2021, was published.

What you read in this issue:

The Role of Mental Schemata in Production of Space (Criticism of Lefebvre’s Spatial Triad from the Perspective of Vygotskian School of Cognitive Psychology)

Behrad Farmahini Farahani; Mozaffar Sarrafi

The modeling of ideation process in architectural design instruction by semiotic approach (Case study: Residential design)

Marzieh Etemadipour; Jamaleddin Mahdinejad

A meta-study of research related to urban and regional spatial structures in Iran; from 2001 to 2019

Neda Malekzadeh; Hashem Dadashpoor; Mojtaba Rafieian

Determination of biophilic design strategies that affecting the patients’ health in hospitals

Ghazaal Zare; Mohsen Faizi; Mohammad Baharvand; Mohammad Reza Masnavi

The acceptable illumination level for office occupants in Tehran

Maryam Fakhari; Rima Fayaz; Maryam Mehravar

Determining the effective factors on promoting the “place attachment” for the residents of contemporary neighborhoods centers (Case study: Kooy-e-Asatid neigborhood in Yazd city)

Ali Riahi Dehkordi; Mahdi Montazerolhoja; Mojtaba Sharifnejad

Developing a model for spatial indicators of experimental learning and its application in designing learning environments

Nasrin Karimi; Morteza Khosronia; Sahel Dezhpasand

The Optimum Design of Open and Green Spaces in Educational Complex to Improve Students Perception and Quality of Educational Environment (Case Study: Girls High Schools in Isfahan)

Seyedeh Marzieh Tabaeian

Development of Iranian industrial design companies based on optimal advertising model

Sarah Saffari; Hasan Sadeghi Naeini; Ata Allah Abtahi; Seyed Jamaleddin Tabibi; Ali Akbar Farhangi

Hidden capabilities in historical farmstead of Niasar

Hosein Raie

Comparison of the architecture and urbanism students’ approach to “Sustainable neighborhood”(Case study: Architecture and urbanism students of Shiraz University)

Maryam Roosta; Sara Daneshmand

The effect of physical and activity factors on creating sensory qualities in urban pedestrian ways (Case study: Kermanshah Taq-e Botan pedestrian way)

Baharak Babri Dehmajnoni; Mohammadmahdi Moghadasi; Omid Dezhdar

The effects of urban spaces smartification on citizens’ perception of forming behaviore settings (Case study: Hafthoz square, Tehran)

Kiana Hashemi; Rama Ghalambordezfooly

Investigation and evaluation of architectural patterns in reducing the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients

Mahdieh Tanhayi Ahari; Mohammad Ghomeishi

Analysis of the effective factors on strategic planning of heritage tourism (Case study: Tehran city)

Hamid Ghorbani; Abdoreza Rokneddin Eftekhari; Shams Sadat Zahedi; Seyed Saeid Hashemi

Evaluating the effective environmental factors on the satisfaction of patients and companions with the patient’s rooms in Tehran hospitals

Hani Hadadzadegan; Zahra Sadat Zomorodian; Mohammad Tahsildoost; Shadi Jamy

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