Our Goals

If such an institution is considered as incorporating a group of individuals (scientists, researchers, authors, experts and others), organizations and formations (universities, scientific associations, research centers and so forth) and gatherings (commissions, seminars, workshops and so on), facilities and resources (center of documents and libraries, books, journals and so forth) and norms and relations and regulations and governing atmosphere it can be found out that one of the primary and fundamental elements in this institutional and organizational system is the concept “scientific community” and the existence of intellectual and specialized relations and interactions amongst the members of this community as well as between the scientific communities worldwide. Besides familiarization with the novel evolutions and accomplishments as well as codification of the scales for evaluating the strong and weak points of the scientific works, the existence of the scientific communities and disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborations enables supervision on the enforcement and implementation of the norms and criteria and prevention of deviations and accumulation and progress in the science and research environment. One of the important features of the scientific communities that actually accelerate the progress in science production and promotion is the providing of the possibility of establishing relationship between the individuals involved in science and research.

To achieve this, Iranian Scientific Association of Architecture & Urbanism is formed in order to expand, promote and improve the science in the fields of architecture and urban planning and qualitative development of specialists and improving educational and research affairs in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, urban design, restoration and rehabilitation of historical buildings and sites, industrial design and …, since 2009. Also, in order to document and enhance related research, the Iranian Journal of Architecture and Urbanism was published to the licensee of Iranian Scientific Association of Architecture & Urbanism since early 2010.

Activities of Iranian Scientific Association of Architecture & Urbanism:

۱- Performing scientific and cultural studies in national and international levels in cooperation with researchers and specialists who are working with a corner of such fields as architecture and urban engineering and other related domains.

۲- Cooperation with executive, scientific and research institutions in the area of evaluating and revising and implementing the plans and programs related to the education and research affairs in the scientific domain subjects of the association’s activity.

۳- Encouraging and motivating the researchers and venerating the researchers and distinct professors.

۴- Offering educational, research and technical services.

۵- Holding scientific seminars in national, regional and international levels.

۶- Publication of scientific books and journals.