First International Conference and Sixth National Conference Archi-urban- from vernacular architecture to contemporary urban planning

First International Conference and Sixth National Conference Archi-urban- from vernacular architecture to contemporary urban planning

 About conference

All experts have been always been looking for strategies to improve the quality of environment. This could influenced by both of Iranian architecture and urban planning, and the current changes and challenges. Accordingly, it seems necessary to investigation different issues related to Iranian architecture and urban planning, life and death structures based on scientific and professional perspectives.
In this regard, the architecture and urban planning faculty at Qazvin Islamic Azad University has always attempted to follow major educational, scientific, and research-based goals. So, we decided to gather the specialists, experts, academics, researchers of relevant scientific and industrial organizations, and all interested individuals in the issues like art, architecture, landscape, and urban planning.
not only to explain the concepts and goals of local architecture and urban planning but also to flourish different related areas by allowing the researchers to exchange ideas and present new research findings which definitely preserve  the existing heritage and improve the quality of our living space.

 Conference Topic

Introduction and Definitions

  • Introducing and determining the compass of vernacular design
  • Explaining the defining indicators of vernacular architecture in Iran and the other countries
  • Analyzing the relationship between people (society) and vernacular architecture in the contemporary city

 Necessity and Significance

  • Necessity (do’s and don’ts) of utilizing vernacular architecture in the contemporary city
  • Importance of vernacular design in today’s cities: a global solution or a local action?
  • Necessity of environmental considerations in permanence of vernacular architecture in the contemporary city
  • Necessity and significance of educational and executive issues in realization of the vernacular architecture qualitative principles

Evaluation, challenges and solutions

  • Challenges and obstacles ahead for vernacular architecture in the contemporary city
  • Reading and critique of the general landscape of contemporary architecture and urban planning based on the ecological design indicators
  • The role of cultural contexts in promoting vernacular architecture in the contemporary city
  • The role of economic and technological contexts in promoting vernacular architecture in the contemporary city

Lessons of the patterns and examples

  • Adapting the traditional physical patterns of historic cities to the New Urbanism principles
  • The role of form and all of the physical aspects in explaining the quality of vernacular architecture
  • Proportions and the human scale in creating the patterns and examples of vernacular design

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