Call for Articles

Journal of Iranian Architecture & Urbanism, invites all researchers and professors in specialized fields related to the Chater of Association to submit an article.

Scientific and Review articles, analytical and scientific reports in the field of architecture, urban planning and other related fields of art, are accepted for Submit in the journal and are published after review and approval by the editorial board.
The text of the article must be Persian.
Submissions must not have previously been published in another scientific journal or book.
The scientific and research article has a Persian and English summary, introduction, keyword, problem design, hypothesis, research methodology, topics, conclusions and list of references and its citation method is in accordance with the method approved by this journal.

The journal of Iranian Architecture and Urbanism aims to create and promote a suitable platform for the exchange of science and knowledge in the field of architecture and urban planning, amongst Persian-based language scholars from around the world.

The managing system of this journal intended to dedicate the issues of the journal to the above mention scholars specially from Persian-based language developing countries for free.