Journal of Iranian Architecture & Urbanism, No 20, Fall & Winter 2020

Journal of Iranian Architecture and Urbanism , No. 20, Volume 11, Fall & Winter 2020, was published.

What you read in this issue:

Evaluation of the Residential Satisfaction of Maskan-e-Mehr Projects as a Strategy to Prevent the Loss of National Wealth(Case Study: Mehr-e-Dovlat Complex in Kermanshah)

Masoud Zohreh, Hossein Rezaei(Extended Abstract)

Designing as Problem Solving; A Model Based on Design Precedents

Babak Ahangar Azizi, Ghasem Motalebi, Zhila Rezakhani(Extended Abstract)

The Impact of the Underpass Construction Project of Karim Khan Zand Street in Shiraz as a Flagship Development Project on Citizens’ Perceptions of Environmental Qualities

Mohammad Nikkar, Ali Reza Sadeghi, Fatemeh Shams(Extended Abstract)

A Study of the Effect of Outdoor Semi-open Space on the Quality of the Residential Environment (Case Study: Apartment in Bushehr City)

Azam Hedayat, Parastoo Eshrati, Bagher Karimi(Extended Abstract)

Investigating the Evaluative Mental Image of Ahvaz Citizens Along Karun River(Case Study: The Enclosure Between White Bridge and Nature Bridge)

Mohammad Didehban, Shirin Sardarmoori, Parisa Ansarian, Parnian Zadehmorad(Extended Abstract)

Ranking Meaning Determining Factors in the Process of Environmental Perceptions via TOPSIS Technique for Developing the Meaning Cause and Effect Model

Marjan Mohsenzadeh, Mohammad Aliabadi, Javid Ghanbari, Seyed Mohammad Hosein Zakeri(Extended Abstract)

The Impact of Urban Natural View Corridors of Hamadan City on the Citizens’ Mental Health

Atiyeh Asgari, Mostafa Behzadfar, Asadollah Naghdi(Extended Abstract)

An Investigation on Physical Quality of Openings in Amir Arsan Historical Complex of Tabriz Bazar from an Aesthetic Point of View

Rahmat Mohammadzadeh, Elham Kazemi, Leila Mohebi(Extended Abstract)

Identifying and Prioritizing the Social and Physical Criteria of Heterogeneous Neighborhood Based on the Perception of Neighbors (Case Study: Hassan Abad-Zargandeh Neighborhood)

Mehrnaz Ramezanpour, Ali Sharghi, Bahram Saleh Sedghpour(Extended Abstract)

Explaining the Environmental Components Affecting the Audience’s Presence on the Safavid bridges of Isfahan(Case study: Khaju Bridge and Allahverdi Khan Bridge)

Ghazale Hanaei, Behrouz Mansouri, Darab Diba, Amir Masoud Dabagh(Extended Abstract)

Analyzing the Use of Origami to Increase the Solar Radiation on Photovoltaic Panels Through Software Simulation

Amir Borzouei, Mahdi Zandieh, Shahin Heidari(Extended Abstract)

Appropriateness Analysis of the Cluster Approach in Knowledge-Based Urban Development of Isfahan

Ahmad Khalili, Mostafa Dehghani(Extended Abstract)

A Comparative Study of Satisfaction in Two Housing Patterns of Villa Houses and Residential Tower(Case study: 2 District of Ardabil)

Samira Saeidi Zaranji, Mohammad Hassan Yazdani, Ghasem Zarei(Extended Abstract)

Integrated Analysis of the Skyline and Natural Airflow of Land Parcels in Two Urban Blocks of Tehran City(Case study: Velenjak Region of Tehran)

Seyedeh Hamideh Moosavi, Marjansadat Nemati Mehr, Shahram Delfani, Mohammad Reza Hafezi(Extended Abstract)

Polo & Naqsh-e Jahan: Redefining the Culture and Identity of Iranian- Islamic Architecture

Molood Khosravi(Extended Abstract)

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