Journal of Iranian Architecture & Urbanism, No 18 , Fall & Winter 2020

Journal of Iranian Architecture and Urbanism , No. 18, Volume 10, Fall and Winter ۲۰۲۰, was published.

What you read in this issue:

۱٫ Identification of Factors Affecting Sociopetality in the Educational Environment of Architec-ture and Analyzing the Interaction between Them via F. MCDM (Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Deci-sion-Making Approach)(Extended Abstract)

Elham Jafari, Hamzeh Gholamalizadeh, Mahmood modiri

۲٫ Adherence to History in Contemporary Interventions; (Comparison of Several European Coun-tries and Iran in Contextual Design of Buildings and Collections)(Extended Abstract)

Gholamreza Japalaghi, Asghar Mohammad Moradi, Arash Mohammad-Moradi, Tahereh Jamakloo

۳٫ The Importance and Application of “Urban Emotions” in Urban Design and Planning(Extended Abstract)

Esmat Paikan, MohammadReza Pourjafar

۴٫ An Inquiry Concerning the Principles of Behavioral and Democratic Urban Spaces; Integrating the Theories(Extended Abstract)

Mani Sattarzad Fathi, Majid Zarei, Rahim Hashempour

۵٫ Applying Thematic Analysis to Identify the Experienced Meaning during Routine Movement through Built Environments(Extended Abstract)

Somayeh Rafiei, Majid Salehinia, Ghasem Motalebi

۶٫ Determining The Optimum Orientation of Vertical Building Surfaces, Based on Solar Energy Receiving in The Hot and Humid Climate(Case Study: Bandar Abbas, Bushehr and Ahwaz Cities)(Extended Abstract)

Hassan Akbari, Fatemeh Sadat Hosseini Nezhad Khosrow Afzalian

۷٫ Assessment and Analysis of the Thermal Comfort Conditions in Open Spaces of Residential Neighborhoods Using Thermal Indicators(Case Study: Neighborhoods of Isfahan City)(Extended Abstract)

Fatemeh Alsadat Majidi, Shahin Heidari, Mahmoud Ghalenoei, Maryam Ghasemi cichani

۸٫ The Effect of the Existence and Expansion of a Cemetery on Its Adjacent Neighborhoods(Case Study: of Imamzadeh Soltan Ebrahim Cemetery of Quchan City)(Extended Abstract)

Samaneh Jalilisadrabad, Shadi Shokri Yazdan Abad

۹٫ Revitalization of the Landscape of Urban Rivers with an Approach to Positive Interaction be-tween Human and the Natural Environment;(Case Study: the River of Amol Shahr-roud)(Extended Abstract)

Narges Hamzeh, Hamed Mazaherian, Mohammadsaeid Izadi, Morteza Lotfipour Siahkalroudi

۱۰٫Restudying the Perception Components of Active Frontages in Streetscape Design(Case Study: Khayam Street in the Middle Urban Fabric of Shiraz, Iran)(Extended Abstract)

Mahsa Sholeh, Sahand Lotfi, Ali Soltani, Fatemeh Shams

۱۱٫ Investigating the Relationship between Youth Emotional Intelligence and Their Tendency To-wards Urban Symbols(Extended Abstract)

Nasim Najafi Zarifi, Sanaz litkouhi

۱۲٫Conceptual Analysis of Neighborhood Territory based on Residents’ Perception using Geo-graphic Information System (GIS)(Case study: Mashhad Neighborhoods)(Extended Abstract)

Amidoleslam Saghatoleslami

۱۳, Effect of Gas Types in Double and Triple Pane Windows on Cooling and Heating Loads in Of-fice Buildings in Hot-Humid, Hot-Dry and Cold Climates in Iran(Extended Abstract)

Jalil Shaeri, Roza Vakilinazhad, Mahmood Yaghoubi

Full Issue No 18 Vol 10 Fall & Winter 2020

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