Journal of Iranian Architecture & Urbanism, No 17, Spring & Summer 2019


Journal of Iranian Architecture and Urbanism , No. 17, Volume 10, Spring and Summer 2019, was published.

What you read in this issue:

۱٫ Assessing Environmental Qualities in City Gateway and their Prioritization by Means of Analysis Network Process(Abstract)

Kioumars Habibi, Esmaeil Shieh, Mehdi Saeidi

۲٫ Performance Evaluation of the Passive Energy System (Trombe Wall and Conservatory) in Cold Climate for Energy Saving(Abstract)

Mahsa Ghadiri Moghadam, Vahid Vaziri, Haniyeh Sanayeayan, Hojatollah Rashid Kolvir

۳٫ Changes of Lifestyle and Physical Patterns of Houses and their Reciprocal Influences(Case Study: Maragheh City)(Abstract)

Seyyed Abbas Yazdanfar, Zohreh Naserdoost

۴٫ The Aesthetic Preferences of Porosity in Façades with Traditional Architecture Pattern(Case Study: Tabriz Historical Houses)(Abstract)

Ali Yaran, Masoud Wahdattalab, Hamed Mohammadi Khoshbin

۵٫ A Comprehensive Concept of Architecture in the Study of Industrial Complexes Based on Systems Theory Approach(Abstract)

Javad Goudini, Mohsen Vafamehr

۶٫ An Essay on Light and its Instances in Iranian Architecture; An Approach to Meaning in Architecture(Abstract)

Fariba Alborzi, Farah Habib, Iraj Etessam

۷٫ Morphological Analysis of Modern Residential Architecture in Turkey and Iran(Case Study: Chankaya Palace and Sa’ad Abad Palace)(Abstract)

Mohammadhamed Mousavi, Khosrow Afzalian

۸٫ The Influence of Visual Stimulus Diversity on Students’ Creativity at Architectural Design Studio 1(Abstract)

Mahmoud Reza Saghafi, Mohammad Iranmanesh, Mohammad Ali Ashraf Ganjouei

۹٫Combined Use of a Few Different Methods in Measuring the Walkability Potential of Urban Pathways(Abstract)

Pooyan Shahabian

۱۰٫ Centrality Criteria for Analyzing the Functional Layout of Spaces(Abstract)

Romisa Rahmati Gavari, Mansoureh Tahbaz, Seyed Hadi Ghodousi Far, Fatemeh Zare Mirakabad

۱۱٫ Reflection of Intertextual Effects in Rereading the Contemporary Iranian Architecture(Abstract)

Sahar Alinejad Majidi, Vahid Shaliamini, Homa Irani Behbahani, Mohammad Zaimaran

Full Issu No 17 Vol 10 Spring & Summer 2019

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